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The Reading Station is a specialized center for early reading literacy and where everyone is prepared to love and enjoy reading. It is even also for anybody coming from anywhere in the world where English is not its primary spoken or written language.


The Phono-Graphics Reading Program (PGRP) was copyrighted in 2003 by TRS owner & founder, Teacher Ging and is used exclusively by TRS. The PGRP's strength lies in the skills taught and learned at the most basic levels of decoding, encoding, listening and comprehension. Early foundation is crucial to learning these skills. Furthermore, the phonics and graphics aspect of the program combined with its unique structure, systematic and accumulative drilling, tools and techniques - have, over the years placed TRS at the premiere spot amongst reading schools in the country.


Fueled by its core values, one level to the next is tackled over a regular period of time in very small class settings. And to assure efficacy and success, only certified teachers are allowed to teach and implement the PGRP. The reading journey takes one from being a zero or emerging English reader and speaker to one being fluent and confident. Eventually, the same skills propel one to being a good or better writer.


Indeed, TRS believes that the English language holds the reins for global or international understanding and connectivity.

We are committed to be the reading school of choice, known for early reading skills and literacy foundation. To this end, we drive ourselves towards total commitment and excellence.



To use the PHONO-GRAPHICS READING PROGRAM (Copyrighted 2003) as the tool in teaching pre-schoolers how to read and comprehend print language at a very early age of 3 years old. To help parents understand that starting their children at TRS for pre-school reading is worth a lifetime of investment.

Our Core Values

For a TRS Teacher, it is her duty to be excellent in her profession of choice, so that she in turn can mold every individual she teaches with the kind of bright mind she possesses. This will allow each student to metamorphose from a zero reader to an excellent one because her Reading teacher is able to use her craft excellently and intelligently well.



Parents and guardians or individuals come to us knowing that we will ‘always’ be there for their need to learn to read and speak English well. What they cannot do in the area of reading and speaking, we can and we will; no matter the time nor distance. When everyone else says no, TRS says yes. That’s the commitment we have built over the years to have gained and enjoyed this trust and reputation from our clientele.

Because experience is still the best teacher, we stand to lose if we say we are perfect. We learn each day and stand accountable for every mistake and opportunity to correct and raise the bar. No challenge is ever greater than the chance to see past those walls that hinder us to become better teachers each day. We stand accountable; for your gains are ours, too.


Team TRS

Ms. Gyralyn Ariola is a graduate of the University of the Philippines, Diliman. She has had very extensive training and experience in teaching language and reading skills to both local and foreign clientele. "Teacher Ging", as she is fondly called is now your child's language and reading specialist. Together with teachers under her mentorship, The Reading Station is committed to bringing out your child's reading success!


Ms. Gyralyn Ariola

TRS Founder

TRS has grown to leaps and bounds since her overall leadership amongst TRS reading kids and teaching staff. She also focuses on expansion and program/staff development.


Teacher Sofie’s infectious teaching wit and charm never fail to bring out the child’s potential to read with great success.


Teacher Sofie Gwenn Tinio

General Manager

+63 917 100 5252  •  +63 2 358 3337

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