What do they say about us?


“A child who reads will be an adult who thinks."


My kids love their time @thereadingstation. I am happy when they come home and cheerfully share the things they learned and the things that they did.


Cheska Garcia Kramer

Mommy of Kendra and Scarlett


It was an accidental meeting with Teacher Zara during a Kid Expo at BGC.


My apo and I were simply strolling and enjoying all the activities. Teacher Zara was very persistent and when she told me they had a branch near my place—that was it, a Yes! To be very honest, I wasn't sold on the idea thinking it was just like any experimental class. My apo was new in her school and every morning, I noticed there was a feeling of fear in her face. This was a mystery to me. After two lessons in TRS under the watchful eyes of Teacher Mae, my apo was a changed person. She read or tried to read everything along the way. My apo had confidence because she learned how to read. Reading gave her power to say yes or no because now she understands.


Small Mama

(Grandma) of Amaya Abundo


It was such a big relief when we enrolled our son in TRS Shaw.


It really helped him improve his reading, comprehension, and spelling in so many ways. He seems to catch up on to new spelling words faster than before. He’s also taking initiative in reading signages or whatever he sees. Before, it will take us a while longer in answering his reviewer but lately he’s been so eager to do it on his own. We are so glad to have him enrolled in this Reading program and we are also grateful to all the teachers who have been so PATIENT and DEDICATED to their job.


Mommy Faith Victoria

(Duke Victoria)


TRS is Amazing!


When we came to know about it and heard about the program we didn’t think twice to enroll our daughter. In a relatively short period of time, TRS helped our daughter to learn "advance reading" well beyond what is offered at her school. It helps her to have more interest in reading and improves her writing skills. She is now more advanced in reading when it comes to their class. She started TRS at the age of 3 and now at the age of 4, I can say that my daughter has developed a firm foundation in reading. Exactly 1 year since she started and I’m proud to say that it’s definitely worth it. I’m so happy that she is part of TRS!


Mommy Sheene Meeran

(Saffiya Meeran)


For me, TRS is an amazing school.


The teachers are very welcoming and helpful to my daughter. They help my child improve her reading and writing skills. I can feel that the teachers in this school also love and care for the kids like their own child. Thank you so much to all the teachers in The Reading Station Binondo Branch, I will surely recommend TRS to all the mommies out there. Keep up the good work.


Mommy Annie of Irish Chan



As a parent we want be the best for our kid.


And one of my concerns is that Leigh keeps on struggling on her reading. When she started going to TRS, I can really tell the progress she made. She became more confident and more focused. She enjoys reading now! I’m so happy that there’s TRS and I highly recommend it to other parents who wants their kids to read at an early stage.


Mommy Anne of Leigh Sayoc




I love TRS!


They have helped me a lot to become a confident reader, and I love all my TRS Teachers. I cannot wait to go back.


Leigh Sayoc



When Michelle turned 4, she told us how much she wanted to be able to read already.


We saw how serious she was when she would try to read simple words on her own. We prayed and shortly after we were led to @thereadingstation this video was taken barely a month of starting class… An hour a day, 2-3times a week and already she can read, and she is just the happiest!!! We couldn’t be more proud! Thank you @thereadingstation! Thank you for being our partners in helping Michelle nurture her love for reading. #mybelleMichelle


Mommy Nikka of Michelle Garcia



My youngest daughter Keira was 3 years old then and I’ve started to worry because she cannot recognize any letters yet, so I decided to introduce her to TRS.


I was so surprised that after a couple of sessions, she was able to recognize her alphabets and the sounds of each letter. Now that she’s 4, she can now read her CVC’s and 4 letter words confidently. With my eldest daughter Kendra, at the age of 6, she can now read books on her own. I’m so happy that going to TRS helped them a lot especially now that they’re in a big school, they can understand all that it is written and even follows instructions well.


My daughters have been going to TRS for a year now and I’m so blessed that I can see a lot of improvement. I’m so grateful to the loving teachers of TRS for building a strong foundation with reading for my kids.


I’m a proud TRS mom and I would highly recommend them to those who would love to discover their kid’s ability to read at an early age.


Mommy Mary Lim



My 3 children are all in TRS and it has given me so much happiness to see them learning to read early, loving to buy books, and even making their own stories as young as 4 years old.


Of course, as mommies, my 3 children and I also sacrifice the time and money for this program. It is a learning path but it is worth every penny and time spent. Thank you for everything, TRS!


Mommy Lynly Uy



I enrolled my son at TRS the summer before he entered Grade 1.


It only took two months for him to go from “barely reading” to “reading well!” Ask my son where he learned to read and he will happily answer "TRS!" Thank you TRS teachers! I am grateful!


Mommy Blythe Mancilla (Tyler Mancilla)



We highly recommend TRS to other families as it has  helped our daughter to be a great reader and to love reading.


Not to mention, she loved her very patient and kind teachers too and looked forward to attending her class. Being in Canada now, my daughter's teachers are very impressed at how she can read almost anything at only 5 years old. She even reads to her younger siblings. thank you so much TRS:)


Mark Tiu Lim of Mika



Our bittersweet ending at TRS.


Thank you very much TRS Northridge Plaza for all your patience in dealing with my son. Special shoutout to the teachers that have handled him, I admire your compassion and understanding whenever he is not in the mood to do his worksheets. Also, thank you for all the encouragements and the little dinosaur treats and prizes prepared just to motivate him more (which sometimes from the teacher’s own pocket money). Super appreciate everything learned in your center, definitely time well-spent! No words can express my gratefulness towards these special teachers: Ging, Sofie, Zara, Elvie, Andi, Jaine, Mary and other teachers that we have encountered even for a short time, kudos! May God bless you and the center more power!


Vinnie Uy



Thank you TRS for being part of who Nathan is now.


Thank you for patiently teaching him how to read despite his resistance because he wants to be with mommy:)


Last Thursday, 12 May, he was given 4 medals and a surprise honor scholarship. The 4 medals: First Honor, Subject Excellence Award for English (one awardee per batch), Department.


Praise God, indeed! Even the principal affirmed he is very good:) Though we have not enrolled him since April, his love for reading continues. As a matter of fact he has a mini library in his room na:) I believe reading (& minimizing screen viewing) has made a great impact in his thinking process, ability to comprehend well and retain the classroom lessons… Again maraming salamat Teachers for your big contribution to Nathan’s academic excellence.:) God bless you all!


I saw how TRS helped my son in loving books and comprehension that translates in understanding lessons in school. Their method of teaching is very effective. Thank you, TRS!


Ann Catanaoan Sia



It seems only yesterday when I enrolled Calix in The Reading Station (TRS).


I'm so happy I've made the right choice! Calix was only 3 years and 7 days old then - the youngest student I think. She learned to read and write before she attended nursery school last June 2015. Calix's TRS classes, which were held 3-4x a week, fueled her love for reading and learning new things. At age 4, she reads books, newspapers and magazines, independently. She can also sing along karaoke songs. Surprisingly, she can also read tagalog words. She does assignments on her own and reads stories to herself before going to bed.


TRS faculty is a group of experts who are passionate about their job. I love that they taught Calix to become more sociable, confident and articulate. They exceeded my expectations. In fact, she finished nursery in the top of her class. The endless hours of waiting outside her tutorial class has really paid off.


I am a proud TRS mom and I would definitely recommend TRS to any parent who want their kids to learn and enjoy reading.


Mommy of Calix



Sofia is with The Reading Station for about 4 months now.


She enjoys her time spent there and always looks forward to attend her classes. The quality of care and education that my daughter receives is above and beyond what is expected when she first started at TRS. From mastering all letter sounds to reading 3 letter words and decoding them. It has been a loving and nurturing environment for Sofia, thus creating a strong foundation for enthusiasm for reading. More so, the teachers seem to appreciate each child's individuality and they love what they do.


This early literacy reading center really gives a positive environment for the kids and is worth every penny. No doubt in the next months. Im sure Sofia will be reading her story books on her own, and im excited for that!


Sarah, mommy of Sofia Chang from MSS



TRS started as a dream of Teacher Ging and when I first met her, she told me to catch that dream as well.


If you love kids and wish to learn how to teach them to read at a very early age, TRS is the right starting point. Everyday I am filled with happy and excited parents telling me how thankful they are that they chose TRS. Reading, for their kids is a piece of cake. yes, they can have their cake and eat it too.


Teacher Zara Gabiano

TRS Northridge, Congressional


Why do parents choose The Reading Station? Because their child is our priority.


I couldn’t believe the improvement of my daughter. I have been worried about her reading for some time. I searched for an establishment that could help us. I found The Reading Station and after just 4 weeks of the 12-week program, the teachers in school said that she had made serious improvements. READ MORE




Imagine a 3 year old child read this phrase: “A fat cat is on the mat.”


With TRS, this is not impossible. TRS has its best program that will teach your child to decode, to spell and to comprehend words and sentences. TRS will also teach your child to embrace the love for reading at a young age. In my 5 years as a TRS teacher, TRS has brought the best out of me as an educator. And using the PGRP to get the best out of each and every child’s reading potential at such an early age is not a promise — it is a guarantee.


Teacher Grace Ferrer

TRS Juan Luna, Binondo, Manila


#TMCReview: Teach your child how to read with the help of The Reading Station.


One of the skills every child must develop is reading. I never pressured my kids to learn how to read since they will be taught how to do so in school anyway. In fact, their preschool is teaching CVC word combination in the pre-Kinder level, so I know they will be able to read in no time. READ MORE




The first time I heard about TRS, I didn’t really believe that it was possible for a 3 year old to read print language.


During my training period days, I was still skeptical, but when everything started unfolding before my eyes, I was totally thrilled and convinced that this program really works; kids are not guessing their words at all! Kids are reading their words, phrases and sentences without pictures and they can reply both oral and written when asked questions using what, why, where etc. I am just thrilled hearing and seeing them read and spell their first word. Indeed a joy to be part of their milestones.


Teacher Andi Guades

TRS Del Monte


8 Signs of Reading Readiness.


When my youngest daughter turned 4 in September 2013, I realized she was still not familiar with all the letters in the alphabet. She only recognized the letters L, C, F, I, Y and A. I read that by age 4 children should identify at least 10 alphabet letters, especially those in their own names. Though she identifies those letters in her own name, she only knows 6 alphabet letters. I know it’s not a big deal; I can teach her four more letters and she’s on track. READ MORE




TRS is a center where you can entrust your 3 year old kid with us.


You will be amazed that at their young age they can read and spell what they read. I’ve witnessed a lot of kids entering TRS from zero reader to a future writer. Hearing parents how proud they are for choosing TRS for their kids and receiving honors in their big school, makes our heart melt. TRS has only one goal and that is to give what your kids deserve.


Teacher Elize Jaramillo

TRS Scout De Guia, Quezon City

+63 917 100 5252  •  +63 2 358 3337

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