What is The Reading Station?

It is a special center for Early Reading Literacy using an intensive reading program based on Phono-Graphics. The Phono-Graphics Reading Program (PGRP - Copyrighted 2001) is designed for non readers and beginning readers ages 3 1/2 to 7.



How successful is the program?

The Phono-Graphics Reading Program was created and introduced by American educators in the late 90's; modified and tailored for children schooling in very competitive settings, the PGRP was conceived with this in mind. It had been researched, tested and proven to be highly effective. Children who have completed the program are able to read at third grade level or even much higher. Hundreds of testimonials abound as kids under the program continue to rank in their respective school's honor rolls.



How does the program work?

The Reading Station is catered for young children; maximizing the class hours through individual modules and modified teaching and coaching. The PGRP has 12 levels and completion of the 12 levels is recommended for reading success. Every child comes to The Reading Station 3x a week for an hour every session. A minimum of 12 hours every month is required.



How long will the program take?

It is 30 to 36 months or 2 year and a half to 3 years. Indicated below are the levels and the average/approximate time of completion, which is dependent on the child's age and ability.


First Semester

From zero reading skills


Level 1 - 2     4-5 months

Level 3 - 4     4    months

Level 5 - 6     5    months


Second Semester

To grade 2 or higher reading and decoding skills with comprehension.


Level   7 - 8      5    months

Level   9 - 10    5    months

Level 11 - 12    4-5 months


Beyond Level 12

(Story-based writing course)


A. Beginning

B. Intermediate

C. Advance


Creative / Integrated Writing



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